Wednesday, 25 April 2018

What is a Web Host Reseller Account?

If we talk about a reseller business then the first thing is to open a reseller account but thing is what is this? Actually a web host reseller account is a web hosting account that allows you to create hosting packages to sell to your clients. You can also host multiple sites of your own using the disk space allotted to the one hosting account.
They come with a reseller-level control panel that allows you to create your own packages.You can allocate disk space and bandwidth to each site on the account and change the space and bandwidth specifications if the site\'s needs change.
Most reseller accounts provide the option for private nameservers . For example, if your reseller account is with SomeName Hosting and your company name is ExampleName Services.
With a web host reseller account, you handle account setup, billing, and (usually) support for your clients. Your web host provider maintains the servers and answers your support questions.
In this way we can choose a proper reseller account.

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