Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Virtual Web Hosting

If you don't want to choose a share hosting then you can go for virtual hosting so a virtual server gives you most of the advantages of a dedicated server at a fraction of the price. The web hosting service takes advantage of the fact that few small to mid-size web sites need the full resources of a machine and puts several web sites on the same server.
There are also marked differences between shared web hosting and virtual server hosting. While a web hosting company puts multiple accounts on the same server in both kinds of hosting, the resources of the machine are portioned out differently.
Having your own operating system also means that you can make changes to it that you may not be allowed to make on a shared server. This allows you to customize the way your web site behaves almost as if you were on a single dedicated machine without worrying about affecting other customers on the same machine.
Prices for a virtual server range from about few dollars a month to more dollars a month and up. Your own dedicated server will run several hundred dollars a month, depending on the options that you choose for it.
so you can choose according to your demand.

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