Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Steps to Becoming a Web Host Reseller

For choosing a host you have to follow some steps like:
More open source software programs are available for Linux than for Windows, which makes Linux less expensive. While most programs (Perl, PHP, Flash, etc.) run on both platforms, a few run on only Windows or Linux. A site that requires ASP or MS Access, for example, requires a Windows platform.
You have to also choose a control panel because control panels for websites range from very basic to loaded with features.
You should choose a better one option to choose a reseller account the web host company that you choose for your reseller account is a key decision your business success depends on the quality of your host.
There is some features also:
  • The platform and control panel
  • Account features
  • The company\'s reputation search for online reviews by clients
  • The record of server uptime
  • Some of the way through which you can select a reseller.

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