Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Shared hosting v/s Dedicated Hosting

The main difference among shared hosting and dedicated host is, in case of shared host, a majority of small users share the same shared server to upload their websites, whereas in dedicated hosting, each website is allocated a dedicated web server that no other website can share at any cost. With shared hosting, you are sharing the server with hundreds or even thousands of other users.” That’s true, but what those bloggers didn’t say is reseller hosting is also shared! The only difference is whether the server is shared among a few hundred people or a few people.
Shared Web Hosting: - We all know very well the meaning of sharing. Shared hosting is an environment where you are sharing space on a web server with other customers. As clients are sharing the cost of the server, this is the most inexpensive and well-liked solution for personal users and small businesses as companies to set up blog, e-commerce and other advanced functions. If someone makes a huge scripting error, the entire server has to suffer. If someone experiences a sudden burst in traffic, your site might run slower. If the server goes down, so does your website and ultimately, your business.
Dedicated Web Hosting: - This is the best type of hosting services. Dedicated to only one, in dedicated hosting you are allowed to rent an entire server and use it all by yourself. You are also given access to all the resources, giving you the ability to host more than one website. Dedicated hosting is designed to give customers a better form of hosting as one customer gets to use a server that could have been shared by many; this gives the customer more reliable hosting service. There are several web hosting companies offering top web hosting solutions at affordable rates. It is always wise to read several web hosting reviews before you opt any hosting company.

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