Thursday, 26 April 2018

Reseller Web Hosting : Cheaper Alternative

The best option to save money and earn a monthly profit is to have a reseller account with one company.
cpwebhosting - provide a very competitive reseller account priced starting at $24.95. Our Reseller\'s Package allows you to host unlimited Domains. You are allowed to give every Domain you host up to 30GB\'s of monthly transfer and up to 10GB of storage.
The average months hosting costs were around $24.95. Therefore, by setting up a reseller account and transferring your domains and web sites over to reseller account you can made an instant saving a month. Is int it a good deal.It is not even worth to have multiple domain names.
Now, another extension of this would be to start selling hosting to your friends, after all, you have a reseller account. So if you have ten friends, ask them if they would like web hosting on your server, maybe offer it free to them and ask them to recommend your services to their friends, these can then become \paying\ customers. Now YOU can get people to pay for hosting and make back the monthly reseller fee.
Just sell five accounts for $5 a month and you have instant income of $30 to offset the $24.95 reseller fee you are paying.

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