Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Reseller Hosting - Who requires it ?

Web hosting company generally utilizes the resources of other companies for reselling the server resources in order to make profit. With reselling there is no worries of server management, maintenance, and dealing with data centers.
Infact it brings wealth to the hosting company in terms of monthly cash. CPWebHosting Starter Reseller plan is starter for small and new hosts who just stepped in hosting industry and giving them the opportunity to switch over to dedicated or semi-dedicated hosting when they outgrown into developed and better hosts.
Who Uses Reseller Web Hosts?
Reseller hosts are useful for the following type of people:
  1. Beginners in Web hosting industry.
  2. Web hosting company that need to expand, but are not ready for a dedicated server
  3. Individuals with average requirement of bandwidth and server space.
  4. Individuals, who want to maintain their several IP\'s under one account rather having multiple accounts for each domain.
  5. Individuals with a popular domain that needs bandwidth limits in excess of those imposed by many smaller Web hosts Who Uses Reseller Web Hosts.

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