Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Reseller hosting plans

Been looking around for an online business to run and don't know where to look next? Are you confused with all the reseller hosting plans that you've been looking at because after a few hundred pages, all the reseller hosting plans are beginning to look the same? And if you're new to the whole industry, here's a little explanation about how reseller hosting plans work for you as a business owner.
If you have a website and you wish to sell a product or service with it, what you can do is to get yourself a reseller hosting plan where you become a website host WITHOUT the need to actually HOST the websites yourself. Whenever your website hosting customers purchase from you, setup their accounts, change their plans, etc, they're using an existing platform that CPWebHosting already have in place! Which means that once you've signed up for our reseller hosting plans, you're READY FOR BUSINESS!
Despite the fact that most reseller hosting plans have good track records, what differentiates CPWebHosting with others is the fact that our customer service people provide first-rate genuine quality website host after-sale service. On top of that, with our 99.99% uptime guarantee to your customers, you'll probably have an easy time selling the reseller hosting plans. It's important to let your website host customers know that not only are the plans that you're offering efficient but it's also one of the more cost-effective ones in the long run.
The cost-effectiveness of our reseller hosting plans comes in the form of it being packed tight with many features that your customers can make use of. If they order one of your web hosting plans, assure them that they can have a complete e-commerce website running for a fraction of the cost; and it can be up and running within a couple of days!
As a website host service plan provider, CPWebHosting is proud to be one of the most genuine website hosts in cyberspace today. We value your business as much as you value it and we stand proud with a strong list of clients behind us because we do business based on our principles. Our reseller hosting plan business owners also benefit from our continuous expansion of business and addition of new tools to the reseller hosting plans that we currently have to offer.
With a bigger-than-usual profit margin, CPWebHosting gives our reseller hosting plans customers a bigger chunk of the profit as we are geared for volume. As you grow with the volume of sales you make, so will we…and that is what drives our business.
So, don't lose out on one of the biggest money-making reseller hosting plans today and sign up with us if you're serious about making a steady stream of income from your website.

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