Thursday, 26 April 2018

Reseller Hosting Merchant Account

Reseller Hosting Account Holders who are selling resources of the CPWebHosting online - they are having the ability to accept credit accepting credit cards either in a online their sell of web hosting accounts, will increase anywhere from 50-1000%. If you are selling a web hosting online it is an absolute necessity to accept credit cards.
The following are some things to look for when you are talking to a credit card processing company;
1) Will they charge an upfront application fee?
Most companies will charge a $25.00 upfront application fee.It is a not a variable amount and many vary from different domains.
2)Do they charge a set up fee?
This fee varies between processing companies and the type of products you are selling. Again, our research came up with some companies that charged a zero set up and some companies charge as much as $195.00. The type of product that you are selling will have an effect on what the set up charge is.
3)What is a virtual terminal?
It operates under they same technology as when you go into a store and the counter person swipes your credit card through a machine. The only difference is your customers enter their credit card number in the computer. 8-10 seconds later the sale of web hosting account is complete and you receive notification via e-mail.
4)What are the customary rates and monthly fees?
Again we can't stress enough doing your homework. We have seen discount rates of 2.29% -6.95% again depending on the type of products/services being sold. Monthly statement fees of $10- $20. Transaction fees range from .25-.95 per transaction. (this is not a per item fee, but for the entire transaction). Charge backs range in price from$15-$25 each.
Note: Resellers are advised to go for the local bank for their merchant accounts.

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