Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Reseller Guide


CPWebHosting Reseller Guide

CPWebHosting welcomes you as a reseller on 'Control Panel Guide'. This reseller guide is being prepared for the CPWebHosting resellers of all the plans selling hosting services to configure and administer their customers using the  Control Panel.
Once you signup for the reseller account, the CPWebhosting technical team will moderate your account and you will receive a email that your reseller account has been created.

You need to configure your reseller account, for which you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Access your Reseller Account
  2. Create a DNS Zone
  3. Create Instant Alias Template
  4. Add Server Alias
  5. Change Temporary CP Alias to Your Own Reseller CP URL
  6. Configure Mail Notification Addresses
  7. Set up Payment Settings
  8. Create Plans
  9. Create Billing Periods
  10. Configure Support Center
  11. Look and Feel
We have elaborately discussed all these points with problem issues, although our reseller can contact Live Person support any-time but we do provide enough material for the reseller know-how.
A reseller is responsible for interfacing with his/her own customer base, but any hardware,software and connectivity problems are typically forwarded to the server provider from whom the reseller plan was purchased. Being a profitable reseller firm usually involves extensive advertising to get customers. While the monthly fees with major hosts are only a few dollars a month, it's a low margin business, and resellers must devote large advertising budgets to compete with established competitors. However, web hosting is one of the biggest online businesses, because every website needs hosting.

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