Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Importance of Bandwidth

Bandwidth is a term which is very important in web hosting. It basically means within a given amount of time how much data moves across the network. Basically the time period is for one month. The companies charge from the web hosters monthly or annually.
It is hard to calculate the bandwidth used by the websites due to variations among different web hosting companies. For eg: If just one visitor visits average of 4 pages per month then that means website is having 5000 unique visitors every month.
If we work on simple web pages then they consume very less amount of bandwidth but when we download some files like .mp3,.wav then a large amount of bandwidth is used. Because if the bandwidth is not proper then there will be a problem in downloading your content from the particular website whereas in some cases the sites get hanged up is the user’s bandwidth is not proper.
The bandwidths are provided by the web hosting company according to the usage of the website or the contents that are being used by the website. If the companies use the maximum bandwidth then they will be shuttled down. By keeping this fact in mind the web hosting companies provide the bandwidth accordingly and decide the price.
Customers can have a complete idea of the bandwidth required if he knows how to manage the accounts. If the user has taken small bandwidth and he is providing high value contents like music, video and games then his site will definitely hanged. If the user does not have the idea of the amount of bandwidth he requires for the website then he can face a great problem. The user should be well aware of the charges for the bandwidth which he is getting and should always keep a cost factor in mind while deciding the bandwidth he needs.

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