Tuesday, 24 April 2018

GBs and Gbs of Web Hosting

Webhosting is a matter of lot of space and proper space allocation so web hosting refers to the service that a webmaster provides to ensure your website and email at your domain name stay up and running 24/7. Think of web hosting as renting space on a special computer that stays on all the time to keep your precious domain name up and running. The computer that hosts the files for your website is called a web server. A web server is really just a computer that hosts the contents of your website either in files. These files can be in any number of different formats, but that is a whole nother topic in and of itself.
You buy web hosting just like you buy internet service from an ISP. You usually pay monthly, although some web hosts offer discounts if you pre pay annually. Today, web hosting is often one of the most difficult things to price. You will see offers online for gbs and gbs of transfer and file storage for very little money.
You will often get a good discount if you pre-pay for a year or two of web hosting so take advantage of any kind of offer like that. After that year or two you may be ready to start heavily promoting your website and at this time you cacn upgrade your hosting account to account for the extra traffic.
So you can then get a good host.

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