Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Create Plans

Create Hosting Plans

Once your control panel is configured, you need to create hosting plans to sell the resources at your own prices.
  1. Go to Plans -> Create and click Select the green arrow buttons to the right of the different types of plan creation wizards.
  2. Let us create the Unix type of Plan for your help. Enter the name of the plan at the top of the page.
  3. Select the resources (features) you would like to include in the plan.Make sure to leave Service Domain unchecked.
  4. In the last section of the wizard, make sure to enter Credit limit, e.g. 10 and click Next to proceed.
  5. Enter prices and free units for each type of resource and click the Create button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Go to Plans -> Manage and turn this plan ON for signups.
Now your control panel is ready for signing up users. Please read all documentation before using H-Sphere as a production system.

Create a System Plan and Account For Your Corporate Domain

This step is required to host your corporate promotion site with your hosting system.
  1. Go to Plans -> Create menu and select a Unix or Windows plan wizard
  2. On Step 1, set the plan name to System and include resources you want to use with your site.
  3. Make sure to check Service domain and in the Settings section set Billing Type to Without billing.
  4. Submit and complete the wizard.
  5. Go to Plans -> Manage and click Access for the System plan and make sure only Admin is checked.
  6. Go to Signup menu and create System account using the Signup Wizard
Note: Your system account is treated as an ordinary end customer account. You'll be charged for all resources used in this account.
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