Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Beginner Reseller Hosting

Starting a reseller hosting business is not as hard as it sounds – all you need is a solid beginner reseller hosting plan and basic knowledge about maintaining user accounts (which can be learned within a couple of hours). Of course, you'll also need good business acumen and the willingness to market and sell through your business.
However, the most difficult part is finding a beginner reseller hosting package. Basically, most beginner reseller hosting packages are rather similar…the difference is in how much profit the web hosting business is going to give you….how big is your piece of the pie.
A good beginner reseller hosting should not come with a setup fee. We, at CPWebHosting makes sure that if you're going to start your own web hosting business, you'll get to start your beginner reseller hosting all set up for nothing. That's because we know that in order to make money out of your web hosting business, you need a reasonable and sizeable profit margin…and we're willing to give you a big piece of the pie because CPWebHosting looks at the web hosting business as a whole. We're not going to focus on making huge chunks out of you but we're relying on beginner reseller hosting customers like you to bring in more business in the future! That's our unwavering business principle and we're planning on keeping it that way because the only way to success is to help our beginner reseller hosting plan customers succeed so that we can succeed as well.
CPWebHosting's beginner reseller hosting, as you will see, will help you set up a very professional website whereby your customers can get their web hosting business packages from you with a dummy-proof shopping cart system whereby they can pay you using paypal, credit card or cheques. The difference between our web hosting business packages and other beginner reseller hosting packages is the fact that we want to make sure you are on your feet as fast as possible which means all you have to do after you get your beginner reseller hosting account with us to login, setup your user account information and moderate the account from there.
You'll be amazed at how easy it is to start a web hosting business with CPWebHosting's beginner reseller hosting package. In one smooth move, your beginner reseller hosting is ready and it all comes with an impressive list of features and tools like 10000MB storage, easy-to-use reseller and customer control panel, ASP, PHP, SQL server, mySQL access, customer billing system, branding of your web hosting business, shopping cart systems, email setup and most importantly, we're giving you a 30-day money back guarantee!

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